Get Paid up to 2 Days Faster¹ with Direct Deposit

Your money can reach you faster¹ with the ACE Elite™ Visa® Prepaid Debit Card.²

Subject to card activation and ID verification.2

Get Paid up to 2 Days Faster¹ with Your Prepaid Debit Card

ACE Elite Debit Card

The ACE Elite Card

Imagine what you could do when you receive your money early. An earlier1 payday could make a big difference in paying the light bill before it becomes past due. Fill up your gas tank before you hit empty. Make an on-time payment on your credit card to help boost your credit score.

Whatever you need to do with your money, the ACE Elite Card can help you do it fast.

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Get Paid up to 2 Days Faster¹

When you enroll in qualifying direct deposit with your ACE Elite Card, you’ll have the opportunity to discover all the benefits of your prepaid debit card! The ACE Elite Card gives you access to the money you have earned earlier1 than you expect.

Did You Know Your
Card Offered Direct Deposit?

You can load money to your ACE Elite Card at an ACE Cash Express location, but that’s not all. Find your Account Number and Routing Number and provide that information to your employer’s HR department or to a government benefits provider. When you set up with qualifying direct deposit to your card, you’ll get access to features including the $5 Reduced Monthly Plan!3

1. Faster funding claim is based on a comparison of our policy of making funds available upon receipt of payment instruction versus the typical banking practice of posting funds at settlement. Fraud prevention restrictions may delay availability of funds with or without notice. Early availability of funds requires payor’s support of direct deposit and is subject to the timing of payor’s payment instruction.

2. IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR OPENING A CARD ACCOUNT: To help the federal government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, the USA PATRIOT Act requires us to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens a Card Account. WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: When you open a Card Account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and your government ID number. We may also ask to see your driver’s license or other identifying information. Card activation and identity verification required before you can use the Card Account. If your identity is partially verified, full use of the Card Account will be restricted, but you may be able to use the Card for in-store purchase transactions. Restrictions include: no ATM withdrawals, international transactions, account-to-account transfers and additional loads. Use of Card Account also subject to fraud prevention restrictions at any time, with or without notice. Residents of Vermont are ineligible to open a Card Account.

3. Cardholder may enroll in the Monthly Plan to pay a flat fee of $9.95 per month instead of paying a fee for every purchase transaction under the Pay-As-You-Go Plan. Neither Plan Fee option includes any other fees. If cardholder receives $500 in payroll or government benefit direct deposits in 1 calendar month, cardholder will qualify for the Reduced Monthly Plan. After qualifying, Monthly Plan Cardholders will receive the Reduced Monthly Plan Fee of $5 on their next Plan Fee assessment date. Pay-As-You-Go Cardholders must enroll in the Reduced Monthly Plan to receive it.

The ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card is issued by MetaBank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Netspend, a Global Payments Company, is a registered agent of MetaBank. Card may be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Certain products and services may be licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 6,000,608 and 6,189,787. Use of the Card Account is subject to activation, ID verification, and funds availability. Transaction fees, terms, and conditions apply to the use and reloading of the Card Account. See the Cardholder Agreement for details.

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